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Edirne Atlas Carpet


Atlas Halı designs that make up its series with collection style are worth seeing. Ser Halı is one of the places where you can find Edirne Atlas Halı. The features of Atlas Carpets in Ser Halı stores are countless. Thanks to its liquid repellency, Atlas Halı does not easily stain. If anything falls off and you clean it immediately, don’t be upset if there is a stain. Put your rug in the sun and you will see the stains are gone. In addition, Atlas Halı has conductivity by its nature. Thanks to this feature, it draws harmful electricity in your body and reduces your stress level. As can be understood from all these, the carpet has gained a lot of functions. In particular, it is known that the dust holding rate is much lower than other carpets. So what are the features of Atlas Halı?


Edirne Atlas Carpet Features


The first to draw attention from the features of Atlas Carpet; the carpet has the ability to clean itself. When you have any dirt or stains on your carpet, you will see that your carpet clears it over time. In addition, there are conductivity properties that will support human psychology. It contributes to the cleaning of the air in your room during the time your carpet gets light. Thanks to the power it gets from light, it breaks down toxic gases and bad odors in the room. It has strong moisture and water resistance and will last longer than other carpets. No chemical products are used in the carpet, and Atlas Carpets are produced from healthy materials.


Institutions Approving The Health and Features of Atlas Nano Carpet


TC. Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Bilkent University – UNAM (Easy to clean feature, Tests and reports for cleaning with light effect)

Edirne Atlas Carpet Where To Buy?


It is much more comfortable to buy Atlas Halı in Edirne. Ser Halı can easily find the types and types of Atlas Halı you want. Moreover, it is one of the pioneers of the carpet industry, which started its operations in 1973. You can also find Atlas Halı, Royal Halı and Pierre Cardin carpets in Ser Halı stores.

  • Sep 17, 2021
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