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Turkish Singer Celebrity Safiye Soyman Visited Ser Halı Masko Stores

Turkish Singer Celebrity Safiye Soyman Visited Ser Halı Masko Stores Safiye Soyman made his carpet decision on ‘Ser Halı’. We would like to thank Safiye Soyman for choosing us to decorate her house with our carpets.   She posted an Instagram video about this and said that this is not an Advertising Campaign all these […]

Correct Design and Color Selection in Carpet

How Carpet’s Color is Selected?  According to designers; you must start to design your house by first selecting your carpet. It is suggested to select the other elements in your location according to your carpet. This suggestion emphasizes the importance of the carpet in designing. Nevertheless, you do not have to start by choosing the […]

Clues of Choosing Right Carpets for Living Locations

Ser Halı shares the clues of choosing right carpets for comfortable and peacefull locations. Use of Carpets in Living Areas Place your carpet in the same line and proportional to your sofa set. If your room is rectangular you must choose the carpet of rectangular shape also. If the architecture is square shaped, you must […]

Culture of Carpets in our Lands

Carpets have a significant place and history in Turkish hand made workmanship.The first leaders of this workmanship are Huns. The first carpet design technique is knotting. Carpet samples belonging to third and fourth centuries found in Pazirik mound in Altai Mountains are the first knotted carpet patches. Huns formed blankets named Hopan, done by knotting […]

How to be Carefull When Choosing Carpets?

  If the carpet is chosen wrong, which is the case mostly when designing homes, it changes the atmosphere very quickly. Designing a house should be done step by step in a methodological way. If this system is not followed, inharmonious furniture, carpet and accesories are inevitable. In modern houses, geometrical patterned, monochrome and small […]