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Edirne Atlas Carpet

Atlas Halı designs that make up its series with collection style are worth seeing. Ser Halı is one of the places where you can find Edirne Atlas Halı. The features of Atlas Carpets in Ser Halı stores are countless. Thanks to its liquid repellency, Atlas Halı does not easily stain. If anything falls off and […]

Edirne Royal Carpet

Edirne Royal Halı Ser Carpet Stores. Royal Carpet is one of Turkey’s leading carpet brands as most of us know. With the wide range of designs and patterns of Royal Halı, you can definitely find carpets suitable for any style of home. Moreover, did you know that when your carpets are damaged, you can replace […]

Thrace’s Largest Carpet Store

Ser Halı, which has been producing and selling carpets since 1973, serves the entire Thrace region with its Pierre Cardin Carpet store, which is Trakya’s largest carpet store. Ser Halı and Pierre Cardin Halı have reached the modern technology level and have come to their production factories with the latest technological machines. Ser Halı provides […]

Custom Made Carpet Designs

Carpets are an important part of our culture. They are not just ordinary objects. They have hidden their stories among each texture and have become essential items for our homes. SERHALI offers options for our designs that are completely unbound in shape, color and size, reflecting the imagination of our esteemed customers with their personalized […]


Our Woolknot series will give our living spaces a new identity. Our products, which are ready to make you talk about yourself with every detail, are waiting for you in our SERHALI store in Edirne. With unique textures, you are now… Much better!

Pierre Cardin

The unique interpretation of art on the carpet. Pierre Cardin, Royal and Atlas Carpet series with color options and stylish patterns suitable for all styles in our store in Edirne. We would like to welcome all our customers who want to see our products.