Edirne Carpet Dealers Where?

Where is Edirne carpet dealers? The question is one of the places where many people from Edirne or those who want to buy a carpet want to go but have difficulty finding their place. However, although their location is not difficult, they are generally located in the bazaar, shopping malls, in the vicinity of Keşan and Keşan, or close to Istanbul.

If you want to find Edirne Carpets, it is Istasyon neighborhood, which is a popular place for people. You can go to Talatpaşa Street.

Where are Edirne Carpet Stores?

You can see carpet makers in many places and regions in Edirne. However, I will give you a list of the places of the carpet stores that people visit most frequently. Thus, you can find carpet sellers or carpet shops more easily. Here is that list;

  • Talatpaşa Caddesi. Istasyon Mah.
  • Keşan – Demirciler Street
  • Keşan – Kurtuluş Caddesi
  • Uzunköprü – Yeni Çarşı
  • Kipa Mall

You can easily find Edirne Carpet Stores in these places. You can find the biggest carpet store in the Thrace region here. Talatpaşa Caddesi, İstasyon Mahallesi. You can go to Ser Halı Stores at Sirena Park Residence NO: 11/64. You can also find Atlas Halı, Pierre Cardin Carpets and Royal Carpets, which are among the most famous brands in the carpet world.

How Can I Go To Thrace’s Largest Carpet Store?

If you want to go to the biggest carpet store in Thrace. You are looking in the right place right now. If you are going to go with navigation, you can type “Ser Halı Store 3” in Navigation and go to the place without any difficulty.

Ser Halı provides service with two stores in Istanbul and one store in Edirne with a total of three stores. Apart from these three selling stores, it exports its own products to 72 countries. It also has a highly developed factory using the latest technology. As can be easily understood from all these, Ser Halı Store is the largest Carpet Store in Thrace. We expect you to drink our tea so that you can see with your own eyes that this greatness is not in words but in essence. This is an invitation.