Correct Design and Color Selection in Carpet

How Carpet’s Color is Selected? 

According to designers; you must start to design your house by first selecting your carpet. It is suggested to select the other elements in your location according to your carpet. This suggestion emphasizes the importance of the carpet in designing. Nevertheless, you do not have to start by choosing the carpet. Most likely, you choose a carpet for your predecorated location. The carpet is the most important part of the designing because of its scale; so what is the importance of its color when making a choice ? How can we choose the most appropriate color for the carpet of our living location ?

Monochrome carpet? Patterned carpet?

If carpets are your concern there are more than one choice. Not to be uncertain between alternatives, you first have to decide whether you want to have a monochrome or patterned carpet to use. To be able to suppress the confusion, it is important to use monochrome carpets if you have multi patterned furniture, curtains and cushions used. Self patterned monochrome carpets, carpets with similar tones and carpets with neutral distinctions can be used in your multi patterned  rooms for your contentment.

If your furniture is intensely unicolored and you have patterned cushions and curtains as accessories, you can use a patterned carpet. When you choose the patterned carpet,  you must be carefull to have the secondary color of the carpet is the same with your furniture.

Effects of Colors!

The colors of the carpets may make a room energetic, hot or cold. Thus, it is useful to know how colors effect the decoration and the choice of the carpet. If you want to create a compassionate ambience for the location, you must prefer strong and rich colors like burgundy, forest green, chocolate brown, purple, laurus leaf color. You may prefer bright colored carpets to widen narrow locations. If you used hot and energetic colors like yellow, orange or red on your walls;  you can have an effective harmony with light pastel colored carpets.

Do not forget light colored carpets are suitable for the intense ly colored and patterned rooms; if used they also add peace to these rooms. In bedrooms; you can emphasize cold colors like green, lilac, blue and turquoise when designing the location and choosing carpets. Either designing your living location or office; if you want to have a corporate ambience; you can use intensely patterned carpets. Bukhara carpets colored jade, emerald or ruby can be used for this type of designing.

The Importance of Floor’s Color!

Do not forget that floor’s color is also important along with  cushion’s, furniture’s, walls’ and curtain’s color. If you choose a patterned carpet for ceramic, parquet or stone floors; you must be careful to choose a suitable colored one with the floor. For example; you can choose zebra design or black and white zigzag design for dark brown floors to have a luxurious appearance. If you want to emphasize cushions, furniture or curtains; you can choose a carpet with the same color of the floor. Therefore you can make the carpet invisible.

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