Culture of Carpets in our Lands

Carpets have a significant place and history in Turkish hand made workmanship.The first leaders of this workmanship are Huns. The first carpet design technique is knotting. Carpet samples belonging to third and fourth centuries found in Pazirik mound in Altai Mountains are the first knotted carpet patches. Huns formed blankets named Hopan, done by knotting wool threads upon a straight textile. Later, they have started to do this knotting while weaving. It is not possible to have any idea about their patterns because very small and shaggy parts were found from those times. Knotted carpet textile started amongst migrant communities and starting from XI. century. It has entered to Anatolia with Selcuks. With them Konya, Kayseri, Aksaray and Sivas were the developed centers because they were on the commercial ways. The most qualified carpets were woven in those workshops. Besides some Turkmence tribes located in Uşak, Kula, Demirci, Gördes, Bergama and Milas has effected the development of carpet business. In the same period of time, Middle Anatolian locations like Ladik, Kırşehir, Avanos (Nevşehir), Bor (Niğde), Maden were famous in carpet business.

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