Clues of Choosing Right Carpets for Living Locations

Ser Halı shares the clues of choosing right carpets for comfortable and peacefull locations.

Use of Carpets in Living Areas

  • Place your carpet in the same line and proportional to your sofa set.
  • If your room is rectangular you must choose the carpet of rectangular shape also. If the architecture is square shaped, you must choose a square or oval carpet.
  • If you have a high legged sofa set, you can place the carpet towards the bottom of them. If you like neutral colored with few patterns and you have a large living area, then you may have a large carpet which can be layed under all sofas.
  • If you have short legged or unlegged sofa design then your carpet should be of small size and the distance between the sofas should be 20-30 cms away from the other.
  • If you have a cornered sofa set, the detail is hidden under choosing the right dimension of the longer part of the set. If you have a carpet in front of the longer set, it may end before it encounters the furniture. If you have a short one, the carpet should be center aligned or must be under all the furniture.

Use of Carpets in Dining Rooms

  • The shape of the carpet, whether it is square, rectangle or circle, depends on chairs and area like it is in living rooms.
  • The choise of the carpet should  be done according to the chairs and the area they occupy in the location.

Use of Carpet in Bedrooms

  • Carpet should be chosen according to position of the bed. If the bed is next to wall,  two small size carpets should be used at most, in empty floor. If the bed is not next to wall, then you must place the carpet with aligning it in the center.

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