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Ser Halı, which has been producing and selling carpets since 1973, serves the entire Thrace region with its Pierre Cardin Carpet store, which is Trakya’s largest carpet store. Ser Halı and Pierre Cardin Halı have reached the modern technology level and have come to their production factories with the latest technological machines. Ser Halı provides service with its showrooms in two big cities, Istanbul and Edirne.

The most striking feature is that it has taken an initiative that will provide foreign currency inflow to our country. It exports to 72 countries in total. Thanks to these exports, it is constantly developing and growing. You can get information about carpet by drinking a tea while shopping at Ser Halı stores.

Which Brands Are In Thrace’s Largest Carpet Store?

As Ser Halı produces and sells its own carpet types, you can find the best quality brands in its showrooms. Among these brands, you can find Atlas Halı, Royal Halı and Pierre Cardin carpet models and designs. You can find the designs you want thanks to the wide range of options.

With Ser Halı / Pierre Cardin Carpet, the largest store in the Thrace region, you can buy your carpets with the privilege of years of experience and safe hands. Moreover, you can easily find the best quality carpets and carpets of the most famous carpet brands.

What is the Ser Carpet Difference? How Many Stores Are There?

Edirne Halı provides service with its showrooms in Istanbul, as well as in Edirne. Ser Halı / Pierre Cardin Carpet store, which provides service with two showrooms in Istanbul, serves at Sirena Park Residence No: 11/64 on Talatpaşa Street in Edirne.

It serves you with years of experience and three large showrooms. You can find the best quality products and discover designs specific to your style. With the privilege of Ser Halı, the largest carpet store in Thrace, do not leave your carpets to chance, leave it to the hands of professionals.

  • Sep 09, 2020
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